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The destruction of the town by the Genoese 1374-1464

In 1374, the Genoese sent their fleet into Famagusta which destroyed and looted the city, arrested the King and his mother and forced the Lusignan to sign an agreement whereby the Cypriot royal family would have to pay Genoa a huge indemnity, plus interest. Famagusta was thus under siege and Genoese forces were also approaching Nicosia. The Lusignan dynasty was by this time waning rapidly and constituted an easy prey to Venetian interests. This situation precipitated the city’s decline and discouraged all economic and commercial activity. The city and harbour of Famagusta thus remained under Genoese rule for the next 90 years. It was only after Jacob the Bastard, son of Marietta of Patra, that the city was able to rid itself of the Genoese after four years of Genoese blockade (1460-1464).

Map of Famagusta by George Braun and Frans Hogenberg,
from the book Civitas Orbis Terrarum”, Venice 1572,
Cultural Foundation of the Bank of Cyprus

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